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Ingenieursozietšt Bauen  
& Hans Bauer

Your competent and reliable partner for:
Overground working


Big storage: gasholders, telescope-, helical- and dry storage tanks, digesters, natural gas spheres.

Tanks, silos, column apparatus, pressure vessels, apparatus racks.

Pipes and their support, compensators, power stations.


Overground and industrial buildings:

Steel, timber and concrete.

Workshops, stores, aircraft sheds.

Car-selling halls, exhibition halls, congress centers, craneway girders, high rise stores, foudations.

Aluminium, facades, roofs and walls.



Temporary buildings: protection roofs, scaffolds and tribunes.

Skylights, domelights and funnels, staves and frames.

Facades: Pilaster strips, glazing and facing.

The Ingenieursozietšt is a service enterprise pleased about any inquiry - from dormers to chemical plants. According to the wishes of our clients we aquire new fields of activity with pleasure.